Dunes Collection

Sand dunes: effortlessly bending to the environment, yet undaunted in their presence. Unflappable beauties even when surrounded by adversity. The Dunes Collection is inspired by the women who continuously shift, refine and expand themselves. Designed to be an extension of you, the collection’s sharper edges represent your strength while the smoother lines represent the softening of one’s soul: letting go of what no longer serves you.

Meticulously handmade right here in the West from start to finish, each piece is named after an influential jazz singer of the 20th century. These women suffered unspeakable hardships throughout their personal and professional lives. Yet each one persevered, touching the lives of millions with her unique talent. Just as these women are the embodiment of courage and vulnerability, I hope you enjoy wearing your Dunes Collection jewelry as a symbol of your own unique tenacity and openness.

The Dunes Collection is handcrafted in sterling silver and bronze.

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