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    You’re in the swing of things with summer now and I know what you’re thinking...when do the kids go back to school, again?  I kid!  Okay, maybe that’s on your mind too, but we have a long way to go.  In the meantime, I can tell you’ve been dying to know…what are this summer’s 4 must haves?  I would tell you they are must needs, but I’ve been helping my 7-year-old distinguish the difference between haves and needs.  I don’t want to erase all of this good parenting by telling you that you need these items.  I’m just saying if you want to spruce up your closet, these would help.  Much like wine helps the ‘no school’ situation.  You don’t need wine, but many would say it’s a must have.

    I’m thrilled to collaborate with Doreen Evans, the brilliant owner of Mountain Daisy, a quaint retail boutique located in Evergreen, Colorado, for this blog post!  Mountain Daisy is an eclectic shop offering women’s and men’s clothing, active wear, accessories and home accents with a mountain vibe.  And of course, this carefully curated store is well-stocked with Bent Fine Jewelry! 

    Found in the Bergen Park Shopping Center and online, Mountain Daisy is your best bet to find the 4 must haves for this summer.  Thank you for your generous support and contribution to this blog post, Doreen!

    1. Trucker Hats
    I love multi-tasking…it makes me feel so accomplished!  You’ll feel like an expert multi-tasker too when you’re wearing a cute trucker hat.  I LOVE hats, especially during the sweltering summer heat.  Hats give you an excuse not to wash your hair, protect your face from the sun’s damaging rays AND look charming on.  What’s not to love about these adorable hats?

    2. Eclectic Purses
    Summer gives you the unique opportunity to have fun.  You can mismatch styles, throw your hair in a topknot and all is forgiven because it’s awesome outside.  Why not try an eclectic purse to add to the mix?  They’re easy to pull off, affordable and best of all, one size fits all!  I love the ones Mountain Daisy carries like this one and this one.

    3. State Pride
    Where do I begin?  While I’ll always have my Kentucky roots, I love Colorado.  I bask in her sunshine (with my hat on of course!), get lost in her mountains and love her inhabitants, both the humans and creatures.  Showing state pride is a pretty big deal around here, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed by Doreen.  She carries a wide variety of apparel with state and local flair.  These are beautiful and definitely on my list.

    4. Tassels, tassels and more tassels
    Tassels are the epitome of summer chic.  You can wear them to a pool party, to a concert at Red Rocks or for a night out in a trendy new district…RiNo, LoHi, IDon’tKnow.  It’s a good thing Doreen and I agree on this trend, because nothing says I love summer like these earrings or this necklace.  Worn with a sweet button down and jeans or flowy dress, you’ll look darling, dear.

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