Spring Trends and New 2017 Collection

Again, let me preface this post by saying you can do whatever you want as it relates to jewelry trends (and NOT as it relates to mattress tags), but Spring is fast approaching so I felt compelled to share some trends with you. 

I don't know about you, but I love Spring. And yes, I would totally marry it.  As a side note, it was National Margarita Day last week.  I had no idea this national holiday existed, but you can bet your life it's on my calendar for 2018 because springtime and tequila go together like wine and cheese.  Ugh, not the best analogy but you know what I mean.

Moving on, Spring evokes warmer weather, reemergence of life and Spring Break.  Whether you stay home, go to Panama City, the islands or Mexico, you best be on point with the four hottest trends I've picked out. Why not more?  Because I have a short attention span.  And I wrote this during my daughter’s gymnastics practice.

1. Tassels

As much as I thought this trend would go away, it hasn't. So I feel like I must tell you about it. Tassels in metal, leather, and fabric are entertaining and add dimension and texture to any piece, whether it's earrings or a long necklace.  This trend isn’t supposed to be taken seriously, so have fun with it!

2.  Cuffs

Cuff bracelets are in, in a big way.  Which makes me do a happy dance because this has always been my favorite type of bracelet.  The look amazing on and at the same time, they’re easy to wear (unlike skinny jeans).  I'm developing some of my own, but know that this is going to be huge.  They go with anything, can be stacked or worn solely on their own, and can even be worn over your shirts and sweaters.  Look it up, they do this sort of thing now.

3.  Hoops

Hoops are timeless, whether they're small and dainty or dust your shoulders off.  They've been around for centuries and are one of the earliest earring designs.  This style can be worn year round and are a classic!  So retire those minimalist studs for a while, hop on the bandwagon and stay tuned for what I have planned for Fall 2017.

 4.  Long necklaces

These are still in and nothing says “I’m going to sit poolside and look hot doing it” like a long necklace paired with a sweet cover up and a cool beverage in your hand.  Lighten the load around your neck by using simple chains, some with beads to add interest, and tassels.  Plus, you can ADD what you already have to them to tell your story.  The more the better, and by placing the clasp at the bottom, you can change how the necklace drapes and what you have on it.  Instant glam!

I'd be remiss if I didn't point out my new collection for Spring and Summer 2017! I mentioned I love this time of year, right?  I was inspired by all of these trends but wanted to keep things light and cool.  Check out the entire collection here and pick out some goodies for your Spring Break trip. 

I can almost feel the sand in my...toes 😊

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  • Paola Balsa

    Love this post. Love the new collection and I can’t wait to see what you’re working on right now! And, damn it, I learned about National Margarita Day after it had passed too :( Next year we will for sure Margarita the day away! Love you!

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