Fall 2016 Jewelry Trends


Let’s talk politics. I’m kidding!  Let’s talk about jewelry since it’s infinitely more fun.  I should tell you I have no idea what I’m talking about.  I’ve never worked in fashion or even retail for that matter.  But it’s now part of my job description to keep us up to date on what we should be wearing around our necks, wrists and on our ears.  I will also preface this post by saying you can do what you want.  You feel like wearing a safety pin through your ear like you did in your ‘90s grunge phase?  You’re in luck because that’s back in style now! 

So in keeping with the idea I should be assimilating knowledge to regurgitate back to you as a part of the industry in which I now reside, I collected the 5 trends I believe are applicable to our everyday lives. Thanks for indulging me.


Pearls are timeless and elegant. In one way or another, pearls will always be a part of our jewelry lives whether we wore them on our wedding day or wear them year round.  I feel more sophisticated than I actually am whenever I don them and maybe you do too.  In our part of the woods (no kidding, we are surrounded by miles and miles of pine trees), there’s not a lot of places to be out and about with pearls.  But perhaps we can incorporate pearls into bite-sized snacks we’ll all want to gobble up, whether they are moonstone beads that look like pearls or using a vintage set of pearls kicked up a notch and layered with something else.  Lastly, I love the idea of utilizing the next trend of duster earrings with pearls or moonstones for your next holiday party.  Who’s fancy now?!

Duster Earrings

Even though I rarely wear them myself (note above paragraph regarding the woods), I LOVE a huge, long earring on someone. They are fun, funky and give off a vibe that your kids are above the age of 3 and won’t tear your earlobe in half by pulling on it.  Nice one!  You survived toddlerhood.  You deserve to wear amazing earrings again.  Even though I don’t have any in stock now, I am feverishly trying to come up with some ideas for spring 2017 that will make you want to celebrate.  Stay tuned!

Layered Necklaces & Bracelets/Mixing Influences

This trend has been in style for the past several years. Some people like dainty chains with cute charms that they can layer for an appealing effect a la Jennifer Meyer.  Some feel like you gotta go big or go home, and amp it up with multiple layers and styles a la Jennifer Fisher.  I love them both.  Whatever floats your boat, remember that even if you are mixing influences or styles, there still has to be a common element that pulls it together.  Whether that element is a certain color, stone or metal.  Or something else entirely.  Make it your own and then own it.


So in case you haven’t noticed, I am really into this trend. When something is NOT symmetrical, then your eyes are drawn to it.  It’s like your brain is telling you something’s off and it’s intrigued.  So you want to wear captivating elements in your style, right?  This is the way to do it!  A lot of stylists are telling you that could mix and match different earrings or just wear one earring to get this effect.  I feel ya.  But, if you don’t want to go there, you can always incorporate asymmetry by wearing a necklace that has beads spaced asymmetrically.  Or, you could wear bracelets that have asymmetrical beads like these.

Raw Stones/Natural Elements

I love raw stones and natural elements. It just so happens this is a really big trend for fall.  Sometimes it’s nice to get glammed up, but when you want to speak to your inner mother earth, this trend is where you’ll go to get centered.  Did you read my past blog post about stone meanings a few months ago?  I hope so because it spoke to this trend.  If not, read it.  I’ll wait.  In my opinion, natural will always be a general trend in my region, but to incorporate it into your region, the biggest advice I have for you is turquoise.  Turquoise is about as timeless as it comes and gives off an earthy vibe all on its own.  You can find it in my shop here and here.  I will most likely always have turquoise on hand because of its enduring and raw elegance.

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  • Big Daddy

    I love all of this informative info . . . especially the raw stone/natural stone segment!

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