Cincinnati Roots Never Die

Prior to the pandemic, I did most of my shopping with small, independent makers, but once 2020 hit, I became acutely aware of how important it is to support small businesses consistently.  Yes, I totally get you’re going to purchase your laundry detergent from Target or Amazon, but what about the shirt on your back?  What about the candle that’s burning on your coffee table?  How about your gorgeous jewelry?  Kidding…sort of. 

Small businesses are hatched from creative souls who view the universe as a broad landscape of abundance and opportunity.  Not quite “build it and they will come”, but more along the lines of “I have a desire to share my passion regardless of the outcome.” Simply put, small businesses positively change the economic landscape for us collectively and we should be all about it.    

Growing up in a suburb of Cincinnati, I didn’t quite understand the charm it held.  Long ago, it bustled with commerce.  Founded on the banks of the Ohio River, it teemed with steamboats carrying supplies, rail cars loaded with goods and people seeking opportunity.  This rich history of labor and love still resides in the area today.  I can honestly say there’s not a city on the planet like Cincinnati: it’s midwestern attitude, early American architecture, meandering waterways and eclectic mix of people are unique to this area alone. 

When Seven Hills Outfitters, a new e-commerce brand based out of Cincinnati, had approached me about collaborating, I needed to know more about what they stood for before I signed on.  Did they value small businesses?  Did they understand how to champion brand stories?  Once I understood they did all of this and more, I jumped at the opportunity.    

The brand name paying homage to the nickname ‘The City of Seven Hills’, Seven Hills Outfitters evokes the same plucky attitude of our shared Cincinnati heritage.  They have products that are at the same time uncommon and classic.  Products that make me want to camp, and I’m not even a camper.  Which surprises no one.  Sweet kits that make thoughtful gifts, slick hunting gear, luxurious self-care products for men and women, and of course, an exclusive BFJ collection found nowhere else.  Not only do they offer these carefully curated goods and more, Seven Hills Outfitters gives back to the community via The Hometown Love Project.

The Hometown Love Project is their way of giving back to teams, schools and organizations within the Greater Cincinnati area.  A portion of the proceeds for every Hometown Love category product sold is given back to the organization it represents.  How cool is that?  You know I’m all about love and all about hometown, so those two ideas together make me positively swoon.

I’m incredibly honored to be a small part of this bigger enterprise.  Seven Hills Outfitters understands and supports small businesses in one accessible hub.  It’s 2021 people, high time we get on board with intentionally purchasing items made with love again.  A unique brand founded in a unique setting, Seven Hills Outfitters’ goal is to make Cincinnati proud and that’s something we both agree on.

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