Blood, Sweat and Tears

On this, the second anniversary of Bent Fine Jewelry, I wanted to write directly to you, my reader, customer, friend or acquaintance. A wise sister told me that my latest collection, Dunes Collection, was a culmination of blood, sweat and tears. I laughed it off at first, “tra la la, it was nothing! No really, I could do this all day long!” But then, when I thought long and hard about that statement, she was right. Side note: big sisters are always right.

Blood? Oh yea, that’s my heart right there. No blood was shed in the expansion of my business (thank God) but it did take a lot of heart. I LOVE what I do. I think about it, study it, get inspired by projects and delight in the development. If I had one thing to tell myself fresh out of college, it would be this: if you do not love what you’re doing, stop it. Right. Now.

Sweat, and lots of it. I worked hours upon hours on developing my latest and greatest, not to mention the hours I spend on the business as a whole. I could have put it out there months ago, slapped it haphazardly into cyberspace for all to see but I didn’t. It wasn’t ready. Just like a writer writes and rewrites, an artist paints and paints over, I needed time to make sure what I was putting out there was a complete and utter reflection of my vision. Scary? Hell yea, but necessary. I learned that if you’re going to work on anything, be completely true to the process no matter how long it takes. You’ll eventually get to the point when you stop tweaking each sentence, put the brush down, and know that it’s complete.

Tears, lawd there were tears, literally and figuratively. There were tears of frustration when I hit roadblocks, tears of irritation when I had to scrap ideas, tears of self-doubt when I would let my mind tell me I wasn’t cut out for this industry. I also had tears of pure joy. These were most of the literal tears shed, by the way. I’d be overwhelmed when a close friend would tell me they believed in my vision or when my husband would tell me that I’m on the right track. Pure bliss when I finally received my pieces and they were just as beautiful as they were in my head over a year ago.

I’ve learned I’m not the only entrepreneur that puts her blood, sweat and tears into her passion. I’m EVERY entrepreneur, artist or visionary that scraps the conventional and truly gives it her all. I’m emboldened by each and every person I see out there following their own hearts. Hats off to you because it takes guts. If you are not completely on fire when you wake up, figure out what you need to do to get there. (Okay, maybe not every morning, but like 93% of mornings.) I guarantee you will find abundance when you follow your heart.

This endeavor would have never been possible had it not been for your support. Some of you supported me by purchasing my creations, some of you supported me by ‘likes’ on social media (hey, I’m cheap and easy to please…uhhh, strike that.), some of you supported me with prayers and cheers. For this, I am humbled and want to extend my deepest gratitude. I believe in helping you feel amazing. I believe in wearing and creating meaningful jewelry that shifts your outlook, your vibration and reminds you of something that’s special to you. I am humbled by your love and find joy in your encouragement.

Thank you.

XO Liz 

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