BFJ Turns 5 - My Mixed Tape To You

Five years ago, I spent time carving out space to ask myself what my soul needed after my husband was involved in a near death accident and subsequently launched my little business.  It rocked my world, but I had plenty of helpers along the way supporting me on my path, most notably Bill.  It was surreal to leave an industry that’s all about high urgency, stressful deadlines and numbers, to something so contemplative, cathartic and simple.  Needless to say, my heart has flourished. 

It’s difficult to believe a business hatched out of a desperation to heal my mind, body and soul has turned into something so beautiful.  I love every aspect of this small business, but nothing more than you.  I LOVE you: your positive thoughts, nonstop support, good vibes, mindful purchases and overall incredible receiving of something born of my heart.  I am humbled, honored and have you in mind every time I’m curating a collection, writing a description, or packaging a gift with tenderness and care.

Taking a trip down memory lane isn’t common for me, but once in a while it’s nice to take stock of how far we’ve come the past 5 years, the past 20 and gulp, the past 30 years.  I’ll see a funny photo or listen to fantastic music transporting me back to a simpler time and man, it feels awfully sweet to romanticize the 90s.  I wouldn’t change the choices made (good and not so good), the friendships built and time spent with people I trusted and loved. 

I think we all ask ourselves “Well…how did I get here?” to quote The Talking Heads.  I was supposed to spend my 25th high school reunion in Kentucky last year (GO BIRDS!) and I hear it time and time again, aren’t we still 18 years old?  I certainly feel like it but then I’m reminded of all the memories, hardships, joys and changes since then.  Oh yea, definitely NOT an 18-year-old.  All those things you have gone through too?  You are stronger because of them, not weaker. 

There’s a common paradigm in our society telling us once a person reaches midlife, his or her life ‘is what it is’.  Of course there’s experiences that cannot be taken back and decisions that cannot be undone, but to be clear: we’re not stuck.  As hard as it is to accept as fact, we can evolve, change, grow; be who we were meant to be.  Yes, still.  Oprah is quoted as saying “Age is nothing than a marker of time, a measure of breaths and days passed.”

How unassuming but bold a statement!  We are faced with a unique proposition every day: how can we consistently choose to live our lives with the moxie of an 18-year-old but with the wisdom we have gained from age and experience?  Can we choose to chase after dreams and let go of unnecessary thought patterns immobilizing us from actually achieving them? 

Furthermore, what would you tell your 18-year-old self if you could?  What would she tell you?  I mean, after she let out a sigh and rolled her eyes at you for wearing sweats for a solid year. 

The BFJ Spring/Summer 2021 collection is a dedication to the 90s.  A throwback to the uncomplicated time of land lines, zero social media, meaningful connection and powerful music.  Think of the collection as my mixed tape to you.  Full of hope and purposeful intention, I hope it brings a sense of joy, every piece meaning something like every song on that worn out cassette tape.  There’s even a piece you can personalize to make completely your own. 

Now you go ahead and make that exquisitely curated mixed tape to give away.  You still have it in you!  And please, let’s incorporate a bit of grunge in everyday life for good measure.

XO Liz

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