High Altitude Jewelry...Down-To-Earth Vibe

Combining understated glamour and simple elegance, BFJ is beautifully versatile, just like the women it adorns.

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  • BFJ Turns 5 - My Mixed Tape To You

    BFJ Turns 5 - My Mixed Tape To You Taking a trip down memory lane isn’t common for me, but once in a while it’s nice to take stock of how far we’ve come the past 5 years, the past 20 and gulp, the past 30 years.  I’ll see a funny photo or listen to fantastic music transporting me back to a simpler time and man, it feels awfully sweet to romanticize the 90s.  I wouldn’t change the choices made (good and not so good), the friendships built and time spent with people I trusted and loved. 
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